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Bridge Turns into Art Gallery in Stockholm

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Visiondivision Design Group will turn a bridge in Stockholm in cultural space. The Traneberg Bridge is one of the largest bridges in the city, which connects the islands of Kungsholmen and Traneberg. Its length is 1476 ft, width – 88 ft, height – 105 ft. There is a road and a pedestrian sidewalk on the bridge.

Stockholm’s Traneberg Bridge to Turn into Art Gallery

Traneberg Bridge project in Stockholm by Visiondivision Design Group

Traneberg Bridge project in Stockholm by Visiondivision Design Group

Visiondivision proposes to create an extensive pedestrian zone on a semicircular arch of the bridge under the road. The residents will be able to cross the Strait in 3 minutes. Currently it takes 15 minutes to cross it. In addition, the “Under the Bridge” project implies that this space becomes a kind of outdoor art gallery. There will be paintings and art installations, as well as street stalls. The designers want to create a new exciting complex with the waterfront, outdoor cinema and art gallery.

Big advantage of the project is that it requires almost no additional construction, but only works on the lighting and decor installation. According to the architects, the Traneberg bridge can unite residents of the two urban islands in the common cultural space.

The first construction of the bridge appeared in 1787, when King Gustav III decided to build a road from the city to the palace. Over time, the population has grown. And the need of construction of the bridge, capable of transmitting cars, trucks and trams, become evident. In 1934 a double concrete bridge was built. It reached 1900 ft in length. And for a time it was considered the largest bridge in the world.

Thanks to the new developments the city residents will be able to cross the path in a more pleasant environment, away from the busy highway. According to the authors of the project, the space under the bridge with huge concrete pillars is ideal for temporary galleries, lectures and exhibitions. There is also an interesting plan for the existing concrete stairs, which can be used as a living room for watching movies projected on the wide pillars.

It is currently unknown, how long the reconstruction works will last. Presumably it will take several months.

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