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Architecture Imitates Nature: Taichung City Cultural Center

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Nature and architecture have often been mixed together in a very special way. People used to build homes inside the mountains and the ground. Besides we use many natural resources still to build homes. But now it seems some architects want to go the other way and create buildings that imitate nature. The Taichung City Cultural Center proposed by Sériès et Sérièes looks as a mountain with a built-in cultural space.

Architecture In Nature

Taichung City Cultural Center

Taichung City Cultural Center by Sériès et Sérièes

While such projects as Wadi Rum Resort and Gamirasu Cave Hotel employ the old approach of carving premises out of rocks Sériès et Sérièes propose to create buildings that look like ones. Built using simple materials in an angled shape the center really starts looking like a mountain. The greenery only emphasizes the natural look.

Stepping away from the conventional forms and approach the architects imagine the interior of such a building to feature curved walls and big openings in the ceiling and at the sides of it. The architects believe that this kind of approach when the environmental impact is kept to the minimum is the future or at least how it should be.

Architecture In Nature

Barcelona Rock

Barcelona Rock by UGO Architecture

Another such project was designed by UGO Architecture for the Barcelona 2011 Bohemian Hostel for Backpackers competition. Inspired by the mountainous region near the city the architects came up with a concept of a new hostel for climbers that allows tourists to enjoy the activity as well as practice on a small climbing wall for begginers. With 50 rooms, a gym, swimming pool, spa, cinema, and other amenities the hostel also features windows thanks to the special arrangement of the blocks that let the light through.

What do you think about architecture that imitates nature?

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