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Home-Office in Tent

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The Swedish “forestry” entrepreneur has everything he needs to conduct his remote business: a laptop, a phone, and a battery, which is charged by two portable Brunton solar panels. The mobile broadband provides external communication with the world. The food is cooked on a primus.

Swedish Entrepreneur Swapped His Apartment for Tent in Forest

Thomas Backlund, Swedish developer and entrepreneur

Thomas Backlund, Swedish developer and entrepreneur 

Thomas Backlund sleeps in a tourist tent. The total weight of the forest home-office is 77 Ibs. And all this is placed in the backpack of the businessman. This unusual workspace organized in nature pays off and helps him solve his task.

Backlund’s goal is to get money for a project related to programming. Backlund is an experienced programmer and wants to develop a project that will help others. But in order to get funding for its development and further implementation, he must work hard.

Investors are praising the idea, but are not willing to invest the money until they see the first version of the product, so I decided to cut costs and move into the woods. Now here I live in a tent in the woods,” he said.

Thomas Backlund's tent in the forest

Thomas Backlund’s tent in the forest

Thomas made a pretty spot by the lake his permanent habitat. This picturesque place pushed Thomas to move to the bosom of nature. According to the forest downshifter, the decision to make such an unusual step was not easy.

Day by day, the anxiety on the decision to drop everything and start a new life in the forest grew. So to mitigate it somehow, I often looked at one landscape. It was the forest, where I have eventually moved.” Thomas said.

The painting of the forest led him to the organization of a standing at home-office in a tent. Thomas does not regret about his decision. And he gets his little reward in the form of daily intimacy with nature.

What can pacify man more than life on the quiet forest lake with a fire and sunset reflecting on my laptop? The laptop, on which I do my favorite work,” Thomas said.

The experiment of the Swedish developer received a huge response on the Internet. Over three months of life in the forest, he received hundreds of e-mails. He plans to go back to civilized life and its comforts just after the start of the project.

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