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Architectural Element: Stair Design Ideas

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Stairs are notable architectural elements in the house. An insteresting stair design can bring character to the house interior as well as solve some design problems. There are many very different stair designs in modern architecture so choose the one that will suit your style.

Architectural Element: Stair Design Ideas

Structure or shape of the stairs is an important part of the design. There are various stair structures that include levitating steps and ceiling high rails. Depending on what look you want to achieve or a design problem to solve a sair can be designed in a variety of ways.

Style of the stairs is the secondary thing but important as well. There are traditional stairs with wood carved rails and flights as well as modern sleek stairs with no rails.

And last but not least, the color of the stair might change the look completely making the stairs stand out from the color scheme thus placing focus on them as an architectural element of the hallway.

Cool Stair Designs

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