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Architectural Project: Primorskiy Zoo in Saint Petersburg

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Avoiding prison-like concepts the French team of architects has designed an oasis-like zoo, a project for construction of Primorskiy Zoo.. One of the oldest zoos in Russia, Saint Petersburg Zoo was founded in 1865 and inhabits more than 2,000 animals from 410 species. The zoo is located in the historical center of the city, which rises in population very quickly. It was decided that the zoo should be moved out of town.

Project: Primorskiy Zoo in Saint Petersburg

Bruno Tanant and Jean Christophe Nani of TN PLUS and Aldric Beckmann and Françoise N’Thépé of Beckmann N’Thépé have come up with a great project inspired by Paleolithic Pangea, a continent which divided into five present continents. Each of the continents connected to each other will inhabit species that are found on these continents.

The domes that you can see on the picture above represent the islands or continents for animals. The area of the zoo will take 300 hectares. The location was chosen because of its rich water supply. This team has also designed a zoo in Helsinki in 2008.

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