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Economy Class Cottage of Sea Containers

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And again, we want to revisit the idea of marine steel containers for building houses. This time let’s talk about the economy class cottage – a dwelling for single pensioners – Old Lady House, designed by Adam Kalkin architectural studio near the town of Califon (Califon, NJ, USA).

Old Lady House: Economy Class Cottage of Sea Containers

Old Lady House in near the town of Califon, NJ, USA

Old Lady House in near the town of Califon, NJ, USA 

Let’s take a look inside one of such projects.

Block for each pensioner is composed of three marine cargo containers that form the basis of premises. It is installed on a concrete basis ( there is also a cellar under the basis). The end walls at the entrance are made entirely of the high glass doors. A part of side walls is also made in the form of transparent stained glass. Inside the space is zoned for hall with kitchen and bathroom, living room and bedroom. The house includes modern air conditioning systems, heating and sanitation.

Internal walls and floor are finished by recycled wood panels (not particleboard, but veneer). All girders, mechanisms of sliding doors are made of stainless steel. Furniture, paintings, carpet are not exposed to harsh aggressive environment, such as humidity and wind, due to the built-in climate control in the rooms. You can also live peacefully in this cottage in winter. The floor is raised by special beams above the ground and there is virtually no contact with the frozen soil.

Moreover, there are special indoor fireplaces, where wood and a special charcoal can be used. There is heater layer and drywall mounted under interior wall.

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