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Sky Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

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Sky blue is one of the trendiest colors this year and it’s high time it’s been used more in kitchen design. Wether you paint kitchen walls or cabinets the gorgeous blue hue it’s going to look airy and light. But you can also add some drama and understated elegance with grey undertones. Blue allows for different styles as well and you can make handles, appliances, and hardware eye catchy accents of your design.


Coastal blue kitchen

Coastal style often uses aqua and sky blue. It can go well with off-white and yellow and you can also add thematic decorations to your cabinets and countertops.


Blue kitchen

Classic style kitchens look fresh and interesting in sky blue. If you want to repaint or remodel your cabinets make sure to consider it as your primary color. You can also add a brighter blue to only lower cabinets to create a more modern two-toned look.

Modern Minimalism

Blue kitchen

Both intricate and minimalist cabinets look great in blue. These modern minimalist kitchen cabinets serve as a beautiful backdrop to a marble backsplash and a dining area that was done in dark tones.

If blue, however, isn’t your color here are more trendy 2016 hues to choose from.

Sky Blue Kitchen Ideas

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