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Kitchen Colors For 2016

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Wooden kitchen cabinets rarely look modern and stylish so a touch of paint is warranted whether you’re remodeling or updgrading your kitchen. While white is always a great idea especially for a small kitchen a color accent has become a must for a modern stylish look. You can only paint the kitchen island or the lower cabinets. Also choosing off white tones like ivoroy and alabaster is better than going to pristine white as they add a bit of modern feel.

Modern Kitchen Colors

Grey white kitchen

The abundance of colors can actually be overwhelming if you care to look but these trendy shades can help you create modern, elegant, and bright kitchen without going with white alone. Here is a great alternative to white that keeps a kitchen light and bright but adds a ton of style to it.

Sky blue kitchen

Sky blue kitchens will never cease to amaze us with their beauty. They look compleyely unexpected and can tolerate black, red, and, as you can see, even metallic accents.

Naval kitchen

Speaking of blue, if you want a bolder brighter color deep naval blue is your choice. It can make a great accent in a white kitchen or be the primary color without overwhelming it.

Grey mint kitchen

Mint with a hint of grey is an absolute showstopper. Add brass or gold hardware and bright accents and you’ll get a magazine-worthy picture-perfect kitchen.

Cool grey kitchen

The list wouldn’t be complete without fancy grey. This color is all over modern interiors including kitchens. Cool blue and purple-based greys are stylish and can be used as a primary color. They go well with brights and pastels and here the combination with natural wood gives the interior an unusual look.

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