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9 Ideas of Kitchen Cabinets Makeover

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Kitchen renovation is a very costly exercise, especially if you have to change everything from finishing to the cabinets and appliances renovation. If during the repair you assume that you do not have funds for new kitchen cabinets, there is a great compromise: update the old kitchen cabinets, using your hands and imagination.

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Metal mesh instead of glass on kitchen cabinets

Metal mesh instead of glass on kitchen cabinets

3 Ideas with glass

The main idea is to remove or replace the glass. Replace the glass on the cabinet doors with a metal mesh. Now all content always will be on view, and your kitchen will have the charm of the old French style.

Do you want to hide what’s inside the cabinets, but got tired of glass? Update the old facades using a lattice of thin wooden strips or finished grilles like screens for radiators.

Textured “wavy” glass on the facade of the upper cabinets will visually expand the space and create a feeling of space even in a small kitchen.

4 Ideas with blind doors

The main idea is to make standard doors more original or to get rid of them. Want elegant ideas? Decorate small objects like a small cabinet or a tray using decoupage technique. Stencil patterns will add volume too a flat and boring door.

Why turn a full kitchen in search of the right product? Label on each door image content – and cooking lunch will be many times easier.

Many housewives have appreciated the convenience of a chalkboard or a magnetic board.

Remove the door at all – and enjoy your dishes on the open shelves.

2 Ideas of internal finish

The main idea is add attractiveness to open cabinets and ones, the contents of which can be seen through the glass doors.

Paint the inside of cabinets in a rich color. It is a perfect backdrop for bright and white dishes.

If you do not want to mess with painting, then decorated back walls of the cabinets with remnants of beautiful wallpapers.

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