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Room Door Design Ideas

Room door can add a fresh touch to the interior design. Creative or just a bright colored door will accentuate the room's entrance and add a focal point to the room.

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Room door is not only a functional architectural detail that allows dividing rooms and increase privacy. It can be designed as a decorative focal point of the room. Before choosing a room door think about how it will fit into the room design. Does a room already have enough focal points? What color the door should be? Should it be plain or more decorative?

Room Door Design Ideas

If the color scheme allows the door can add some bright color or even pattern to the room. It will immediately indicate the exit as well as bring in the fresh accent to the color scheme.

An active color scheme and the abundance of pattern in the wallpaper or furniture may require a one-color door even if it is bright. The door in neutral color can tone down the active pattern.

A door does not necessarily have to be of bright color or pattern. Add a decorative frame to it if the interior design allows it.

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