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Save Space With Bed In A Wall

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Space is precious so when every inch counts look for ways to maximize function while minimizing occupied floor space. A bed built into the wall is a great example. Either building a storage wall or making a wall niche for the bed this design solution will give you more privacy and floor space in a small bedroom.

Bed In A Wall Solution For Small Spaces

Apartment with bed in a wall by VAN STAEYEN Interior Architects

Modern apartment by Van Staeyen Interior Architects 

While this space-saving solution is better suited for single beds and thus kid’s and guests rooms you can also try and implement it in a small bedroom or in a one room apartment. The latter usually lacks space to provide more privacy to the sleeping area so that’s where some sort of an alcove or a storage wall with a built in bed would be useful. You can also build an entire enclosure for your bed if you want to hide it completely.

A storage wall is a great way to implement a bed in a wall. It provides lots of storage space in a small room while leaving plenty of free floor space.

Bed in a wall with a window

The kid’s would be excited by such a bed in their room as it can be done in an interesting way that will keep their imagination bright and their day slumber more welcome.

A bed in a wall can also be used as a reading nook or a daybed. It’s a great way to hide your favorite place in a house or take an advantage of a hallway window.

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