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Reading Nook Design Ideas

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A home library usually has a furniture set to make reading more comfy. But if a library is in the other room like living room or home office a reading nook can be necessary. Reading requires plenty of lighting and comfort.

Reading Nook Design Ideas


Reading nook doesn’t have to be in the same room as library but it could make it easier to access the books. Look for a place near the window. Windowsill wide enough to sit on can be upholstered or a bench can be made for it. A cozy armchair near the bookcase with a little side table can also make for a great reading nook. The reading nook for kids can be a combined with a study area at the kid’s room.


Reading nook should be comfortable so make sure the furniture used for reading is not only beautiful but also comfy. A chair, lounge chair or a sofa can make for a comfy reading nook. Throw pillow and a cozy coverlet can become an accent of the reading nook.


Also make sure the lighting is appropriate for reading. This is very important as the bad lighting or lack thereof can cause deterioration of the vision. There has to be two light sources, one general, for example, natural or pendant light and one direct, such as floor or table lamp. The direct light source should be placed at the left shoulder for the right-handed people and at the right for the left-handed.

Flexible task lights can be used to adjust the lighting position and regulate glare the abundance of which can be straining for the eyes. Do NOT use fluorescent lights as it was proven to cause headaches, migraines and other things.

Cool Reading Nook Ideas:

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