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Living With The Ocean: Zamel House by Kontrast Arquitectura

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A beautiful modern house with an open layout that welcomes the ocean views and breezes inside its interior was build in Mexico. Zamel House by Kontrast Arquitectura is a 2,936 square-foot abode with a budget of $290,000, two stories, and a stunning overflowing pool that merges with the ocean.

Living With The Ocean: Zamel House by Kontrast Arquitectura

Zamel House was built for a couple who love beach, surfing and architecture. The open layout of the house allows the ocean views, breezes, and natural lighting in. The house stands above the beach level for increasing privacy so a stair from the pool leads to the open living area that is merged with kitchen and eating area by the pool side. The spacious room has an oversize seating, lounge area with a purple feature wall decorated with a raw wooden branch.

The kitchen counter divides the space demarcating the kitchen area from the rest of the room yet leaving the space open. The hallway that leads to other rooms is decorated with a wooden bridge, water, and pebbles while the plants and greenery is incorporated right into the building.

Zamel House also features a master suite with an open-air balcony, a guest bedroom, bathroom with glass doors that face the ocean, and an outdoor shower. The bathroom also features bowl sinks and wooden vanities. The bathroom also has mini windows and a opaque half-sized walls surrounding the toilet sink.

The house is beautiful, spacious, modern and cozy. Enjoy an open interior design of Zamel House in the gallery below:

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