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David Jameson Architect Project: Glenbrook Residence

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Glenbrook Residence is a project designed by David Jameson Architect looks very unusual and interesting. It’s polygonal structure mixes transparency and opaqueness. Made of glass and stone the house feature sharp stone overhangs, textured walls and glazed pavilions that stand out from the structure.

David Jameson Architect Project: Glenbrook Residence

Two stone structures surround a glass pavilion within a wooded landscape in Bethesda, Maryland. The concept for the Glenbrook residence was to create three distinct structures: one for the most public programs (entry space, garage and guest bedrooms), one for the most private living programs and one where “public” and private can co-exist. Each space has an outdoor terrace or some special connection to the site while the roof of the glass pavilion folds beyond one’s cone of vision to create the feeling of being outside. The building is made of all natural materials with a 100-year lifespan and features an underground spring-fed water furnace HVAC system.

The residence consists of three structures that divide the public and private areas. Thus the house features interesting lines, angles, and architectural solutions. For example the two side structures look similar yet each of them has its own finish and unique features while the middle glass pavilions make an interesting core.

Each structure has its outdoor space under the overhangs while the structures are connected with the halls that link them together into one big residence. The interior is finished with wood which gives an nice warm contrast as opposed to the exterior stone finish. And the sloped ceiling adds an interesting twist to both exterior and interior view of the living area.

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