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Second Church Conversion: From Library To Restaurant

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This 1908 church was first converted into library in 1970’s. Now however it functions as a nice restaurant transformed by an interior designer Hecker Guthrie. A church has a triangular roof and vaulted ceilings. The outdoors as well as the indoors are completely modernized and finished with the three glass doors that allow to peek in and on the opposite observe the outdoors from indoors.

Second Church Conversion: From Library To Restaurant

The interior is designed in white with touches of light natural wood in furniture and flooring. The color scheme is light and neutral contrasted with pops of black in a metal framed glass bar stand and a seating near the stoves.

The tables aren’t uniform. Different sized tables and seats make the restaurant more versatile. There are seats at the bar stand, small round tables for two, and couch seats with long tables for six. Thus the guests can enjoy the bar or sit privately at smaller tables or gather in bigger companies at the big tables. The seat near the stoves make for a cozy conversation spot.

The style is contemporary and minimalist. The architectural additions include a bar stand and a space divider that ensloses a private table thanks to the framed glass structure and curtains.

Church conversions are quite widespread especially when it comes to residential projects. But here is an amazing church that was turned into a book store. As for the restaurants, well there are some design ideas worth introducing into your own home design.

Church Converted From Library To Restaurant

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