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Small Eco-Friendly Wooden House

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You want to build your own house, but you are not willing to spend much money? Are you attracted to the idea of environmentally friendly housing? Are you free, not burdened by family and are ready for change? Then this tiny and economical cottage of a designer enthusiast from California will definitely inspire you.

Comfortable Interior of Small Wooden House

Small wooden house made by Alek Lisefski

Small wooden house made by Alek Lisefski 

American Alek Lisefski made a small revolution in the idea of ​​life in homes trailers. He has embraced the idea of ​​mobility, but changed it according to his own notions of comfort and sustainability of housing.

According to Alek, “Tiny Project” is his attempt to live simpler, more conscious, without debt, and show people how to make better use of their money. He always dreamed of his own house, for which he would not have to pay huge taxes. Having thought through every inch of its future housing, Alek built his house with his own hands. And then he moved and transported the house from Iowa to California.

3 tenants live in this tiny space without any problems: Alek himself, his girlfriend and a small dog. And take into account that the house is also Alek’s working place.

Length of the wooden house is 236 inches and width is only 98 inches. But there are 10 windows and a glazed entrance door in the house. Alek selected light wood for the construction. As for comfort – it became a reality, despite the tiny size of the house, because every inch is used to maximum advantage. Availability of a mezzanine (second floor) allowed to place a full bedroom. The first floor can be safely used for guests and work.

Main room

There are 4 areas in the main room: entrance hall, living room, home office and dining room. If you walk from the front door in a clockwise direction, it looks like this: the host workstation, a dining table, stairs to mezzanine bedroom, entrance to the utility room (bathroom, kitchen), sofa, entrance area.


The walls around the compact stove is used for shelves to store utensils and kitchen stuff. A storage system around the sink can hold also small appliances. Utensils are stored on the corner shelves and on all kinds of hooks, hangers and roof rails.


There is a bedroom on the second floor of the house, above the kitchen and bathroom. Despite its modest size, it contains a double bed and a wardrobe, and even a place for books and decor.


This bathroom is another example of a reasonable space saving. Plumbing is chosen so that it could occupy a minimum of space. Every inch of space is used for storing bath accessories.

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