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Incredible Webb’s Family Vintage House

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Located in Melbourne, Australia, this incredible vintage house is opening all its secrets to the reader. Discover all amazing vintage details about this wonderful house, which is now on sale.

Webb's Family Vintage House

Unique Melbourne House

The house itself was built in late 1970s, and has been remodeled over decades after. The owners, Melissa Webb, is a renowned designer and illustrator. She has breathed in the life into this house by introducing many different tones and time specific items. Located in Melbourne, the house has a beautiful view on the natural reserve, Doncaster. What fantastic vistas it brings to the owners!

The house is a mysterious place, because even its owners, the Webb family, are unaware of the house origins. The legend says that the house has been originally built by stone masons! The house is amazing in that it sure feeds legends, it uses great variety of stones: black, grey, cream, green, even pink! For the last few years, Melissa Webb has dedicated her time for house renovation.

The garden had been remodeled and now looks absolutely gorgeous. The flooring, the lightening, the roofing, everything was changed and remodeled. However, it retained its original unique style. However, what is most amazing, that the house is practically an idol home for DIY fans. Not only the decor was found on low budget websites, Webb used old and outdated features to give the house that vintage decor look.

Unfortunately for Webb family and lucky for us, this awesome house is now on sale, as it is hard for the owners to manage this big mansion. But the house is just gorgeous. Let’s hope that new owners would retain its original décor.

Check out their amazing house:

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