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How to Paint Brick Wall…or Leave It Plain

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A piece of plain brick wall looks at you urgently every single day and whispers into you ear: Paint me. You struggle for some time, but at last you can’t endure the pitiful look of a plain brick wall. Finally you approach the wall and look at it critically: What am I going to paint you?

Exposed Brick or Painted Brick?

Too much fuzz, let it be so. This is the first way you may choose. Yes, that’s right. Leave your brick wall unpainted keeping the atmosphere of an Irish pub. It will especially will fit a dining room with old furnishings like wooden table darkened through years and massive wooden chairs, perhaps with some carvings and even small noble cracks. But it doesn’t mean that new furniture can’t be given a look of time working on it. Apply some tricks from experienced people or via Internet.

Less Paint, Less Suffering

You think, it would be better to give a new look to the room and paint the wall? But this is such a long and tiresome process! You haven’t got enough time for that and you haven’t been taught how to paint. Never mind, this is also a way out. Thin layer of paint is a creation of your designer’s mind. Those parts, where natural color of bricks is seen add special look to your room which can be found nowhere else.

Let It Paint

If you are patient enough to go through the painting process, all you need to decide on is color scheme. Let it be a nice background for the rest of your interior. In this case just remember that any kind of paint fits bricks. For this kind of work you only need the best type of paint used for exterior works. You won’t discover unpleasant surprises like small pieces of paint chipping off the wall in a week.

Enough background colors in this room. You definitely need something to dictate the general look. Brick wall painted gold or bright orange. Yes! Choose the right accent and make this place alive.

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