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Hidden Room Design Ideas

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Why have a hidden room in the house? There can be many purposes for a hidden room. For instance, you can create a hideout for reading, working or simply resting inside the hidden room.

Hidden Room Design Ideas

Home Office

Imagine the enclosed working space that has a ready working atmosphere of peace and quiet. A hidden home office is a great way to concentrate on the work while having the working station out of sight while you’re not working.

Storage Room

Hide away all the sports equipment, laundry, and off season clothes into a hidden room hence de-cluttering the living space. It can be a wall painted closet or a room under stairs that can be hidden away by painting the room door the same color as the staircase.

Reading Nook

Create a perfect reading nook in a hidden room. The home library or bookcase is a perfect secret room door. It provides storage space for books while all you have to get is a cozy chair and good lighting to create a hidden reading nook.

Artist Hideout

Art studio or a hideout can also be set in a hidden room where no one would disturb the artist in the work. The creative process requires privacy and peace so setting up a studio in the secret room can be a perfect way out.

Hidden Room Designs

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  1. Ken Spell Says:

    Can’t find the glass toaster in the image! Where can I purchase it? The URL is —

  2. Mona Liz Says:

    Hey, Ken,

    Unfortunately it’s a concept designed by Inventables Concept Studio who never designed a prototype or manufactured the toaster. Though there ARE toasters with transparent sides on the market. One by Bugatti and another one if Look&Toast from Ariete.

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