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How to Organize Your Work Space

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Work space is important especially for those who work from home or take some work to be done at home. It’s easier if you have a special room for that but there are various of organizing your work space. Pick the quietest room in the house where no one would disturb you. It can be your bedroom or even living room. You also won’t need a lot of space. Organization is the key to effective work space.

How to Organize Your Work Space


First of all, if you lack much space opt for a space-conscious table or the one that has plenty room for storage. Table makes a large part of your work space so you need to make sure it is effective, functional and convenient. A comfortable office chair that can be adjusted and regulated to suit the table height is a great option for long hours of work.

Keep your table clean and organized at all times. If the most space of the table is occupied by your work computer then make sure your table has additional drawers to store papers and files if you need that.


Lighting is important for work. Table lamp can be a great source of direct light that will help you preserve your eye sight and work effectively. The lamp should stand at your left side. The lighting that hangs above your table should not hang too low or too high.


Shelves above the table can be great for storing books or work papers and files. Bookshelves and drawers should suit your needs because if the shelf is too small you’ll need another storage furniture and if it will be too big and half empty it will only occupy your precious space.


Put all the important things you use most often at the hand’s reach. So that whenever you have to work again you’d be able to reach them fast. Sort the papers and files by folders and keep them at alphabetical or numerical order. If you don’t need to work with papers, keep everything except your computer or other tools you use away from the table in order to avoid distraction and mess.

You may also consider integrated tables and shelves for effective space management. Also try to keep everything work-related in the work space zone to prevent mess and losses. When you get your work stuff around the house it’s very easy to lose some important things and create mess. So try to be as organized as possible and choose the furniture that will help you in this.

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