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Blue & Pink Color Scheme Ideas

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Blue and pink color scheme is a great one for shared kid’s room but it can also be used beautifully in the living room or kitchen. Pastel blues and pinks can seem childish but if used right these two colors can really go well together.

How to Decorate in Blue & Pink Color Scheme

Dark teal and pink interior

Dark teal and pink interior

To be honest we avoided this color combination for a reason. It can be tough to pull off but not impossible. But we think the ideas below are quite inspiring.

Frosty Blues & Dusty Pinks

Frosty blue is simply beautiful. It is cold and yet has that luxe chic to it. Use it in curtains or upholstery and combine with warm dusty pink. Satin fabrics are great for giving that icy blue a frosty finish. Dusty pinks are best in velvets and chiffon.

Washed Out Blue & Pink

If you really crave for some pastels or rather neutrals opt for washed out blue and pink. These will be hardly noticeable but you will still be able to enjoy the colors.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are the best for creating a luxe-looking decor. Opt for sapphire blue with translucent morganite pinks, Let the dark blue be the accent color to make it really stand out against that light pink.

Electric Blue and Hot Pink

If you are looking to make your room a bit more bright then eletric blue is a perfect accent color and it goes well with hot pink. You can use them with neutrals to balance them out and not drench the entire room in brights.


Use one of the colors as an accent color and the other one for background. This way one will make an impact while the other will serve as background.

There are also many other blue and pink shades you might want to look into and experiment with. Think watermelon pink, turquoise, aqua, and other.

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