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Amazing Bedroom Design Solutions

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There are many ways to make bedroom more interesting and magical. Some design solutions here can makme the most of signle room apartment while others increase bedroom privacy in bigger homes. Architecture plays a great role in making bedroom more than a room with a bed.

Amazing Bedroom Designs

Bookcase Bed & Desk by Paul Coudamy

Amazing Bedroom Design Solutions

Architect Paul Coudamy has created a bookcase with built-in bed and desk. When the bed is needed the bookcase is moved to the side and reveals the bed. When it’s not in use the block hides the bed but reveals the desk. A great idea for 23 square meter apartment.

Bed Cube

Amazing Bedroom Design Solutions

Amazing Bedroom Design Solutions

Mobile Bed Cube is a great way to add privacy to open space homes. Whether it is a loft or a studio apartment Bed Cube can be moved around the room in case more space is needed. The Bed Cube has two open sides, one of which is more private while the other is entirely open. Learn more at Du Côté de chez Vou website.

Floating bedroom by Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec

Amazing Bedroom Design Solutions

Amazing Bedroom Design Solutions

This architectual solution by Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec makes bedroom float in the air. The cube with the bed hides the bedroom away from the rest of the room providing residents with privacy.

Night Sky

Amazing Bedroom Design Solutions
A ceiling window is a great way for adding a special touch to the bedroom. At night you can watch the stars while in the mornings wake up to the sun. An attic bedroom may have ready ceiling windows.

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  1. Andy Says:

    Those are some really cool ideas! Thanks for sharing.

    My own bedroom is in an attic, and I grew up with a slanted window just like in the last entry. Believe me, it’s a real friend in lonely nights. Thinking about your life on a warm night while lying on your side and looking through that window to a sky with half a moon can be one experience that clings to your bones.

    I didn’t get the floating bed cube idea, though – how does the thing work?

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