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Blue House in Marrakech

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There are people in the world who collect stamps or expensive wines. Stylist Frans Ancone prefers to collect Moroccan riads. The Blue House, created for him by designer duo Lippini Alessandra and Fabrizio Bizzarri, is his eighth acquisition in Marrakech.

Frans Ancone’s Blue House in Marrakech

Frans Ancone's house in Marrakech

Frans Ancone’s house in Marrakech

Sometimes he sell these houses, but more often he simply allows his friends to live there. The decorators claim that Frans is their best customer. They say that he always wants something new, and he does not spare his efforts, time and money for this his passion.

Frans has many preferences. He adores East. He is crazy about blue color. He loves baroque and is sure that Venice is the bestr city in the world. The Blue House has traces of all his passions, but it has nothing in common with eclectic style. Turning this crazy “vinaigrette” in a harmonious and tasty dish was the goal of the decorators.

In the beginning Alessandra and Fabrizio brought gray stone from Italy, which was used for tiled floors in the Venetian palazzo. According to the decorators, it was quite an adventure, because they had to explain local officials, why they were not satisfied with their gorgeous Moroccan limestone.

They aimed to create not a certain shade of blue, but a feeling of sleepy kingdom, where all the colors are muted and vague. Generally Morocco lives in contrasts: the brightest of African sun is balanced by twilight rooms with small windows, which are closed by shutters. East does not like to parade privacy. In this East is not far from Venice, which is also good in hiding its secrets behind the redundant Gothic facades.

When it came to buying furniture for the Blue House, the decorators had to go for a trip again. All beds, chairs and mirrors in a luxurious baroque frames were picked up in the Italian antique stores and transported by boat to Morocco.

Only the wooden balustrade for the courtyard, echoing the design of the famous Palazzo Fortuny, was made in Morocco. It is quite easy to find a skilled carver in Marrakech. But, as Alessandra says, it is difficult to explain him, how the European master thought and worked in the XV century.

After this titanic work they had to find places in the house for all the accessories that the owner had brought from India and Malaysia.

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