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Cheap Ways to Update Interior

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Our home interior is a reflection of our taste and vision, but as time passes we need to update it. As it is not always possible to hire a designer or make a complete redesign along with lots of purchases, we can use some cheaper ways to change the interior.

If you feel bored and uncomfortable in your house or apartment, and you are not happy with the idea of spending the weekend at home, then you have to change the interior as soon as possible. The house should be the best place in the whole world for its owners.

How to Change Interior on Budget

There are several ways to update the interior on low-budget and quickly.

Bottoming the house

Clean the space from unnecessary things and take a look at it from another perspective. Sometimes we feel sorry to part with things that we got used to even if we do not need them at all. They have become traditional trappings of our homes.

If the books do not fit into the bookcase, and a half of your home library remaines unread, it is better to conduct an inspection: to leave the needed books and give the rest away.

Cleaning the house

Cleaning the house

Wall Decor

Wall is an ideal platform to showcase paintings, photographs, posters, wall plates, etc. You can change the wall depending on your mood, season or hobbies.

Try to paint yourself, experiment with vinyl stickers, or decorate the wall with your own embroidery. There are a lot of different and unusual options.

Wall decor

Wall decor

Indoor plants

It’s not a secret that live flowers can transform a space, add color and style. However, be aware that it is necessary to take care of plants. Do not clutter the small space with big plants, like a ficus and a palm tree. Remember that your indoor garden must be in harmony with the entire design of the apartment.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants

Home textiles

Change of home textiles greatly transforms the interior. Color, texture, fabric prints are of great importance. Take into consideration that blue, yellow, light green and pink colors add freshness to the space. Red and orange give energy.

New curtains, bedspreads, cushions are not always cheap. However, you can make a small set of cushions with your own hands.

Fill a handmade pillow with chopped knits, or buy special filler in fabric stores. It reminds small balls and is sold by weight. Decorative pillowcase can be made of any fabric and decorated with beads, embroidery, applique, sequins or bugles.

Handmade cushions

Handmade cushions

Additional light source

Did you know that the light can totally transform the room. So, additional floor lamps, sconces and table lamps can completely light up your home interior.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps

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