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Bed Footboard Decor Ideas

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In order to emphasize a sleeping area in the bedroom, many are trying to decorate most effectively the headboard of their bed, while leaving its footboard without proper attention. Why should we draw attention to the footboard decoration? First, the correct execution of the footboard makes the room more comfortable (which, actually, is particularly necessary in the bedroom), and makes its interior more original and complete.

How to Decorate Footboard

Pouf in footboard decor

Pouf in footboard decor

Minimalists and opponents of excesses could abandon such idea if it carried purely decorative function. But it is not only decorative solution. A stool, a dresser, an ottoman, or any other piece of furniture can become an indispensable element of the storage. And if you place there an easy console table, it may even replace a home office for those, who work at home. So what is the better way to complement this bedside zone?

Stools and poufs

That is the easiest way to decorate a foot of the bed . At least, it will not require much cost. Besides poufs and stools look very compact, and are very appropriate in small bedrooms. The huge advantage of this solution lies in its practicality: as it is sitting down on the bed in everyday clothes is undesirable, so a comfortable ottoman or stool next to the bed will be most welcomed. By the way, today many poufs are made hollow inside, allowing us to store various little things.


Banquette is a low elongated bench. It can be used as a seat, and a soft, comfortable table for favorite magazines. Such an addition can be used in the interior as you like: it may be imperceptible addition to the bed in its tone, or a bright and striking accent.


It is original, stylish and comfortable. That is how you can characterize this solution to design the foot of the bed in the bedroom. And do not think that it would be appropriate only in rooms decorated in Renaissance , Rococo or Classical style. Romantic Provence can also imply such a decorative and functional item like a chest. The same can be said about the Ecological style. Here the chest should be concise, and even better, braided. If you like to decorate your bed with lots of pillows and cushions, then this option may be ideal for your bedroom.

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