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Clean & Maintain: Mattress

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Cleaning a mattress can be such a daunting task but in order to maintain a good condition of your mattress for a long time cleaning should be regular. Besides cleaning the mattress you should also take measures for proper maintenance to reduce wear and time and effort put into cleaning it.

3 Tips On Cleaning Mattress

Mattress Pad from Luxury Bedding Solutions

Cotton Mattress Pad from Luxury Bedding Solutions

Removing Dust

Many sources recommend using a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, skin cells and mites from the mattress using a special attachment. However, others recommend a shop vacuum as it has more power. Anyway, do use vacuum cleaner to remove all that skin from the mattress once a month. Although, be careful with elements, like buttons, that keep the mattress filling in place, otherwise the vacuum cleaner will pull it up and the mattress will become uneven.

Cleaning Stains

Stains are hard to remove from the mattress so before using your new mattress consider a pad or a cover that will keep most of the moisture and dirt away from the mattress. You can always wash or replace the pad/cover.

If the mattress itself got stained use baking soda to remove it. Just sprinkle the stain and leave for twelve hours, then vacuum to remove the powder.

Eliminating Bacteria

If you want to eliminate bacteria or kill mites or even just get rid of odor, the best thing to do is to place the mattress in the sun for several hours. The UV light will kill bacteria and bed bugs as well as aerate your mattress and dry it out of all moisture.


To maintain and protect your mattress from damage and dirt, flip it every sx months, if allowed by manufacturer and change your sheets regularly. Waking up leave your blankets and duvets undone for about twenty minutes to let all the moisture dry from the bed and prevent it from getting to the mattress.

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