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Red Bathroom Design Ideas

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Want a radical bathroom makeover? Red is the color that can make for an unusual bathroom design. Pair it up with black for an emphasized dramatism or tone it down with beige or brown. Rich red and stark white also make for a stylish color combination. The design solutions are limitless.

Red Bathroom Design Ideas

Shade of Red

Choose a shade of red that suits your style and taste. It doesn’t have to be rich crimson. Opt for lighter shades or different hues with pink, yellow or blue undertones if you want less dramatic bathroom design. Rusty red can make for a great industrial chic color scheme. When the shade and hue are chosen think about secondary and tertiary colors to complete the color scheme.

Red Bathroom Design Ideas

How To Use

If painting an entire bathroom red is too dramatic use red only in a feature wall, shower, or furntiure. You can also use red as a secondary or tertiary color in scheme adding red accents to the design or painting architectural details red. A red bathtub looks very dramatic in the bathroom design though without overwhelming the room. Red sink or vanity will also make for a good accent.

Red Bathroom Design Ideas

Red Bathroom Designs

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