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Black & White Bathroom Design Ideas

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Classic colors and combinations are great for decorating because they never go out of style. Black and white is an often used color scheme in bathrooms and other rooms. Though if black and white seems too banal for you, these design ideas might just change your mind about black and white bathroom.

Black & White Bathroom Ideas

Black & White Bathroom Design

Memento Bathroom Collection by Villeroy-Boch

Use Patterns

Using patterns may add an unusual twist to your black and white bathroom. Think chevron, diamond, and other patterns that aren’t often used in interior design. Though try no to overload your bathroom with patterns as they may make the room seem too busy and clash with decor accessories like shower curtain and rug.

Mixing and matching patterns can also make fore beautiful design; still be careful though as mixing too many or too different patterns can overload the look of your bathroom.

Use small scale patterns for decorating a small bathroom not to overwhelm the room as big patterns will make it appear smaller.

Take advantage of vertical stripes to make your bathroom ceiling appear taller. If black is too dark for your tastes opt for marble stone for a light but patterned look and few black accents.

Black Bathtub

Bathtubs commonly come in white color but you can also find the ones in black. This is a great take on a black and white bathroom design. You can also try a black sink or a black shower wall.

Metallic Accents

Adding metallic accents to your black and white bathroom can also spruce up the classic color scheme and add a touch of luxury to the design. Think brass and copper washbasins, vanity handles, and shower pipes.

As you see there are quite a few ways of decorating a black and white bathroom in a unique way.

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