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Moroccan Bathroom Design Ideas

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Moroccan bathrooms are stunning and luxurious not only in terms of materials but also in colors and architecture. Featuring arched doorways and windows Moroccan bathrooms are commonly painted in rich blue, pink, sand yellow or bright orange.

Moroccan Bathroom Design Ideas

Color Scheme

Color in Moroccan style gives the decor a bright lavish look. Even in bathrooms in Moroccan style the color schemes can be rich and bold. The bathroom can be painted entirely in one color and completed with dark carved wood but it can also be colorful including more than two bright colors, for instance, blue, purple and yellow. The bright color(s) can be balanced out with beige and muted sand yellow.

Moroccan Bathroom Design Ideas

Moroccan Bathroom Design Ideas

Tile Work

Tile is one of the key elements in Moroccan design. So when it comes to the bathroom tiles can be used abundantly to create mosaicsor a beautiful patterned tile work. Choose tiles with Moroccan motifs to help you create a beautiful luxurious look in walls and floors. A built-in bathtub can also be decorated with tile to emphasize the bathroom’s style.

Moroccan Bathroom Design Ideas


A Moroccan bathroom can bebuilt-in or freestanding clawfeet. The built-in bathtub can be seamlessly introduced into the bathroom design with tile work that matches the walls or floors. Gilded sinks with tile vanities or sink tables are common in Moroccan style bathrooms. Moroccan style furniture can be ornate and add opulence to the bathroom decor. Use Moroccan mirrors, tables, lanterns and other accessories will help to finish the bathroom design.

Moroccan Bathroom Design Ideas

Moroccan Bathroom Designs

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