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Impressive Courtyard Design Ideas

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Courtyard is a great private outdoor area for contemplation, meditation and rest. While greenery is essential in any outdoor space, the landscape design and decor are just as important. An impressive courtyard is not as difficult to create. The key elements to consider are landscape design, contrast in color and texture, and accessories. The rest of it are just ideas that can help you improve your courtyard design.

Imressive Courtyard Ideas & Tips

Impressive Courtyard Design Ideas

Creative Furniture

Creative furniture is one of the ways of adding an exepcted touch to your courtyard. Think angled and quirky shapes rather than casual wicker and classic wrought iron. Go for bolder hues and interesting designs that catch the eye.

Multiple Levels

Create multiple levels of your courtyard terrace to make for a structured and interesting look. Thus you will also separate your sitting area from the rest of the courtyard where you can place potted plants and other accessories.

Merge With Indoors

If you live in appropriate climate you can have your courtyard merged with your living area to enjoy the fresh air at all times.

Feature Wall

A feature wall in a courtyard can become not only an unexpected element but will also acts as a focal point. Often it’s a wooden-clad wall but you can go for abstract prints if you want a bolder look.

Impressive Courtyard Design Ideas

Creative Sun Awning

Open spaces often get lots of sun but it’s important to have a shade to protect yourself and your family from harmful UV rays. A canopy or a pergola are more traditional sun awnings while the design above is a whole different story.

Architectural Elements

Just like with multiple levels a courtyard with architectural elements looks more detailed and interesting. Think columns, stairs, arches and other elements that can spruce up your courtyard design.


Accessories can make almost any courtyard look more complete and impressive. A single bright chair can make a difference in a small courtyard while a three-tiered fountain is more suited for a spacious one. Also think statuary, creative planter pots, and lighting.

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