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How To Create Resort-Like Bath In Your House

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Resorts especially tropical ones often boast enviable luxury baths that you get to enjoy only once a year during vacation. The surrounding greenery, wooden floors, and open showers make it an ultimate relaxation spot. Where else would you need such a bath more than an urban or suburban home where work and everyday life often mingle into one stress-filled environment you often would like to escape from. There are some things you can do to make your own bath more like in those fancy resort villas.

Create Resort-Like Bath In Your Home

Resort bath

Resort bath with outdoor shower

Bring It Outdoors

If you live in a house this can be an option. Especially if you enjoy a garden then you could both have greenery and increased privacy. In case this is impossible you could bring some greenery inside the house.

Get Sunken Bathtub

A sunken bathtub is the closest you can get to a swimming pool/Jacuzzi with a tub. Some sunken bathtubs even feature steps like in real pools. Slowly immerse yourself into a warm bath imagining that you are in the pool of a favorite resort instead.

Greenery-filled bathroom

Greenery-filled bathroom

Bring Natural Light In

What resort is without the sun? If your bathroom lacks windows make sure to incorporate them or skylights into the plan. You can also make a glass wall if you live in the house to enjoy the surrounding greenery and plenty of natural light.

Style-wise you can also make your bathroom look more resort-like with some natural wood. Create a seat for mani/pedi or even sauna sessions or redo the floors to make the room look even more warm and vacation-y. It’s also common to have secondary water sources and features like fountains and small ponds around.

Furthermore you can add lots and lots of decorations and accessories from your travels to your bathroom to make sure every detail reminds you of the relaxing fun time far from realities of your routine.

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