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Magical Bathtub Laguna Spa by Alegna

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Laguna Spa by Alegna is a magical bathtub made of wood and decorated with white pebbles along the borders. This beautiful wooden bathtub lets you rest neck and head while taking bath. It also allows filling to its fullest as the double border and pebbles doesn’t allow water to splash out. The Laguna Spa bathtub is fully customizable and also comes in a Jacuzzi version.

Magical Bathtub Laguna Spa by Alegna

Alegna make beautiful wooden bathtubs and basins that add warmth and sophisticated touch to the bathroom decor. Made of pressured wood saturated with resin Alegna offers bathtubs and sinks in a selected range of woods, however customization is possible. Using certified woods Alegna promises quality and high-end design by Idconnect Design Solutions studio.

Magical Bathtub Laguna Spa by Alegna

Alegna also note that the scratches that may emerge over the years can be polished away. The selected wood range includes walnut, mahogany, oak, and pear amongst others.

Magical Bathtub Laguna Spa by Alegna

Wooden bathtubs can give the bathroom a warm and unusual look but they do not come cheap and require care since wood is quite a delicate material when it comes to water. Wooden bathtubs must be treated with sealers and any seams in the tub must be secured to prevent leaks and rot. In order to prevent scratching of the sealer coat that keeps water from getting to the wood avoid using abrasive cleaners and chemicals when cleaning the wooden bathtub.

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