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Customizable Bathtub by Justin Wagemakers

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Bathe is customizable bathtub, an entry and a winning project of The Reece Bathroom Innovation Award 2011 designed by Justin Wagemakers. Bathe is a modular bathtub that is both sleek and transformable. It takes a little space providing for additional storage space and yet features customizable parts that help adjust it for one’s personal needs.

Customizable Bathtub by Justin Wagemakers


Since the beginning of time, the art of bathing in water has been essential to one’s good health and peace of mind.

Bathe allows the ritual of cleansing to be revitalised in the modern day. This design allows for the user to accessorise Bathe to suit their needs and to develop their own unique cleansing ritual. Each family member is able to organise their preferred combination.

Bathe reclaims some precious space in the bathroom by providing a multitude of storage and accessibility options.

The modern and sleek Bathe is a great bathtub for small modern bathrooms. The black and white color mix features dark brown wooden planks that can be customized as storage units, seat, shower fixture, and a step. The planks are removable and can be easily customized to suit one’s needs.

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