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House Like Village By Marc Koehler Architects

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House Like Village is a project by Marc Koehler Architects that is a conversion of an old harbor-cantina. It is now a unified living space. The name for the house was derived from the notion that the house is made from four smaller ‘houses’ and its new layout provides with both public and private areas.

House Like Village

House Like Village by Marc Koehler Architects

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The ‘houses’ within the ‘village’ include private areas while the elevated space is public and can be used for cooking, dining, working and also as a guest house. There is also some spare space that could be filled with more ‘houses’ in the future.

There are numerous floor to ceiling windows that open the views of the harbor. The area nearby is furnished with sofa and armchairs at the fireplace for resting, reading, and socializing. Though there is plenty of space it’s used consciously. The staircase that leads to working space at the ‘roof’ of one of the houses is filled with books and storage boxes.

The two houses that stand parallel to each other are connected with a bridge where the dining area is also located. All the working space are also connected to each other this way.

There are skylights in the ceiling that enhance natural lighting in the building. The house is illuminated with metal pendant lamps and a big floor lamp that stands near the living area,

The Village house features a wardrobe in one of the wooden structures providing residents with all the necessary amenities.

The Streets

The Streets is the space between the ‘houses’ structures that provide walkways for residents and allow the natural light to spread across the house.

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