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Tiny Bathroom Design Ideas

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To make the most of a tiny bathroom look into ways to maximize the space. Natural light can visually enhance the bathroom. Installing a skylight can substitute a window and flood the tiny bathroom with natural light.

Tiny Bathroom Design Ideas

Minimize Furnishings

When creating a bathroom design opt for minimum furnishings. Get rid of chairs or benches to maximize the space. The minimalist design can be both stylish and convenient in a tiny bathroom. Try not to overload it with furnishings and accessories.


Get rid of all the necessary accessories and products. Use organizers to store things and efficiently use the space in the room. Use space under sink, vanity or cabinet for storage.

Sleek Sanitaryware

Opting for a sleeker sanitaryware design can help to save some space in the bathroom. This wil make it easier to fit all the needed fixtures into the bathroom as well as prevent the cramped look. Paint the bathroom in light reflecting colors to make it look more airy.

Tiny Bathroom Designs

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