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How to Choose Fire Pit

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A fire pit is a great substitute for a fireplace. But it can also be multifunctional and serve as a table, a fireplace or a cooking stove, as well as all three at the same time. Fire pit is an elevated bowl where the coal or firewood is placed. The designs and styles of fire pits are countless. There are ones made of metal and the ones made of stone, there are tables with a fire pit in the center. But how to choose a fire pit that will suit your needs?

How to Choose Fire Pit

First you need to decide what functions the fire pit should have. Is it purely decorative or will you use it as campfire to cook food, gather around and enjoy the warmth of fire together with your family and friends?  Be sure to know the laws and regulations for the outdoor fires.

Choose a spot in your backyard where you want the fire pit to be. It should be a spacious spot to seat your family and guests safely around the fire pit. You can opt for a built-in fire pit in which case a hole is dug in the ground and the pit is laid with stones. Or if your backyard is small you can choose a portable fire pit that you can move and put away when not using it.

When choosing a fire pit take into consideration its functions, the frequency of use and weight (for portable ones). If you want to cook on your fire pit then make sure it has grill accessories. Make sure you have a fire pit screen that helps prevent sparks and ash from scattering during windy weathers. Opt for those made of thicker metal to ensure it served longer.

Cast iron pits are heavier to move. Stainless steel fire pits are rust resistant so they can be left outside. Copper pits look great though the copper needs to be cleaned from time to time to give it a shine. There are also other materials fire pits are made of and which one to choose really depends on your needs and budget.

If you are planning to store your fire pit outside don’t leave it without the cover to protects it from the elements. Decorative fire pits are usually placed near the loungers, tables and swimming pools. These can also be smaller than usual multipurpose fire pits.

Finally when you are ready to use your fire pit first read the manufacturer’s instructions of use and follow them carefully to avoid accidents and damages to the fire pit. Always follow fire instructions. And have a fire extinguisher at hand just in case.

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  1. Chelsea Says:

    Fire pits have been a necessity in life ever since man has learnt to cook food. An ancient fire pit was built by rubbing stones against each other till they gave off sparks. These were used to build a fire. Modern fire pits look nothing like ancient ones. They are solid structures that are designed in such a manner that the warmth is spread properly and the excess heat is contained in it.

    Fire pits are usually of two types. They are categorized by the fuel that is used:

    Wood pits- As is evident from the name, they use wood as a source of fuel. They are great for outdoor parties where you are certain to have barbeque or roast marshmallows. There will not be much of a problem if any food is spilled inside. There are some portable units available that you can take for camping or hiking trips. They are also very economical in terms of cost. However, there are certain disadvantages associated with these products. From the environmental point of view, using wood as a source of fuel contributes to pollution. If you live in a city with strict environmental laws, then these pits are of no use to you. In addition to this, you have to toil quite a bit to work up a good blaze starting from small pieces of wood. Putting out wood fires is also a headache as you will have to put them out with water which gives rise to vapor and smoke. The charred residue will have to be cleaned by you. Also remember that wet logs will not burn, so care has to be taken to keep the logs dry.

    Gas pits- Natural gas is a suitable alternative to wood. Gas fire pits give off less smoke than wood burning ones. Even the ash residue is much less. Igniting and extinguishing them is easier than wood burning ones. Gas pits eliminate the possibility of bits of wood or any burning residue that might land on your lawn. The fire in these pits is also easier to control than in wood burning ones. But gas pits are more expensive than wood pits and are not suitable for outdoor activities like barbequing because if any food spills inside, it will block the gas burners.

    Choose an attractive fire pit that will add to the ambience of your drawing room or garden. There are a number of products which you can select according to your taste and preference. The ordering, shipping, delivery, and payment details are mentioned clearly. So here is your chance to organize a great bonfire party. Invite your friends to show off your latest “outdoor accessory!

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