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Let It Rain: Creative Gutter Ideas

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It’s raining ouside, so we decided to look up some creative gutter drain design ideas for those who also have a rain season and would like to jazz up their home exterior. There are several types of gutter drains. There are urban ones that are located on the street beside the sidewalk and the drain pipes that direct water to the ground.

Funky & Cool Rain Drain Design Ideas

Creative Gutter Ideas: Trumpet Funnels

Creative Gutter Funnels In Building in Neustadt Kunsthofpassage, Germany

While the urban gutter drains get a makeover from artistis from time to time the gutter drains in houses can be quite common and bland. There are many ways of decorating a gutter drain or even collect rainwater for reusage.

This building in Neustadt Kunsthofpassage, Germany features a whimsical rain drain created out of pipes made in shape of trumpets that pour water into one another.

Some rain gutters double as planter pots collecting water that runs down the pipes to water plants. Another great idea is to shorten a gutter pipe and place a container under it that will collect rainwater that you can later use for watering your flower beds or potted plants.

Some of the gutter drains come as chains of small contains that resemble tiered fountains that pour water from container to container. These are pretty but cannot be used in colder climates as the water pouring from them might just freeze.

The easiest way to decorate a drain pipe is equip it with a creative gutter pipe attachment like this Cloud design concept by Dmitry Kulyaev that makes rain when it rains. There are also many other gutter pipe spouts that are both creative and decorative.

If you are especially concerned with rainwater collection this ‘A Drop of Water’ barrel by Bas van der Veer is produced by Elho and allows collect rainwater in a tank and a watering can.

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