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Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

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Outdoor kitchen is a great design solution for cooking in summer as well as entertaining guests in fresh air of outdoors. There are different ways of designing an outdoor kitchen as well as the choice of materials determines the look of the kitchen and and your entire backyard for that matter.

Alfresco Kitchen Designs

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas


One of the popular designs is an outdoor kitchen built on a deck. The wood-clad deck can provide space for the kitchen equipment as well as some room for the outdoor sitting or dining areas. It can be built right at the house or separately from it.


In summer sun can be relentless so it’s better to have some kind of a sun awning above your outdoor kitchen to be able to hide away from harmless UV lights while cooking a festive dinner. Pergola is one choice and it’s beautiful and decorative but still allows the sun through the beams. A gazebo or some kind of a covered structure will be perfect for sunny locations for outdoor kitchens.


A patio with a kitchen feature is an ultimate addition to the outdoors. You have a sitting/eating area and a kitchen all in one. Of course, there are ways to add more to the patio/kitchen design like installing a fire pit or a fireplace.

More elaborate designs of the outdoor kitchens include bar counters that mimic modern kitchens as well as full scale dining areas. The size of the outdoor kitchen might depend on how often will you use it and how many people you it to be able to seat.

Usually made of stone, outdoor kitchens can also feature kitchen furniture if you want a more modern than rustic style. Choose all the furnishings according the style you chose for your kitchen.


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