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Japanese Tea Garden

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The Japanese tea ceremony is a great tradition dating back thousand and thousand years. But few know, that an important aspect of the Japanese Tea Ceremony is Tea Ceremony Garden. This article will reveal all the secret ideas of the ancient tea ceremony gardens.


The Japanese Tea Ceremony Garden Designs

Roji, the Japanese word for the Tea Ceremony Garden. Even the inexperienced reader knows that the tea drinking in Ancient Japan was quite an issue, made into ceremony, so here we have a specially designed garden for exactly these purposes.

Tea Gardens date back to the XIV century, when the Japanese garden culture began to develop. The design of the garden is taken from the name, Roji, meaning the Path. It is a preparation for a great mystery of the tea ceremony, the chanoyu.

Of course central theme for the Tea Garden is the house for tea ceremony itself! It does not have to be a huge mansion, but rather a small private little house, that follows the design of the garden around. The traditional plan of the Roji is to keep it as simple as possible to avoid possible distractions. So, the house itself should be in tune with nature with little decorations.

An ultimate features of the Roji are the outer garden space, where one awaits the tea ceremony, on the path that leads to the tea ceremony house. The other important aspect of the Tea Garden is the inner space, where the scenery is different, opening new vistas to those who were invited to the tea ceremony. It is important to note the presence of the wooden fence, preferably made from bamboo, separating those two parts of the garden.

The path itself is usually laid out by flat stones among the green grass or moss. Sometimes, the symbolic gate is used somewhere on the way from your household to the tea ceremony. The gate symbolically transfers you from the ordinary world of everyday life to a magical world of japanese tea ceremony tradition.

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