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Landscape Design To Increase Privacy

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Do you like yards and gardens? Then you’re maybe wondering how can you increase privacy for your yard. There are many landscape design that will help you with that. Using landscape design you can define your landscape and increase privacy of your yard or garden and general outdoor space. You can also use it to screen noisy environment. Here are some means of increasing your privacy through landscape design:

Privacy Hedges and Plants

Landscape Design To Increase Privacy
Privacy hedges, plants and small trees are specifically grown plants that are meant to form a live wall that provides security and increases privacy of the house and a near outdoor space. These can be trimmed or left to grow naturally, it all depends what functions you want them to carry. If only practical, privacy hedges can feature thorns, if you want some aesthetics to it then the decorative hedges can be combined with small trees and plants.


Landscape Design To Increase Privacy
Fences can be different in designs. These are made of wood, stone, metal and other materials. Some wooden and metal fences can feature patterns. These are more transparent than solid fences so it’s up to your tastes and level of privacy you require. Of course, wooden fences such as stockade ones cost less than a brick fence but it also depends on the level of security you expect your fence to provide.


Landscape Design To Increase Privacy
Screening is for noisy environment and winds. It is not so much for increasing privacy but it can definitely add to it. The materials for screens are the same as for walls and fencing only screens can be made to be lighter to let air flow and light. The screens can also be put in the garden to let some plants twine around them. In this case a screen also becomes a very decorative item in the garden.

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