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Uni GoSleep Chair by Short Rest Solution Oy

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Uni GoSleep is a chair that which converts into a private flat bed. International airport of Abu Dhabi already got the first 35 items of this furniture made by Short Rest Solution Oy.

Sleeping Capsule Uni GoSleep

Uni GoSleep

Uni GoSleep chair by Short Rest Solution Oy

The chair is a true resting spot. It has a garage door type closer that protects you from the noise and unwanted stares of other passengers that pass by. You can comfortably sleep inside of it for 12$ per hour.

If you don’t want to sleep you can enjoy some private time, listen to music, work on the laptop or iPad while they are charging from the power connectors, provided by GoSleep capsule. Also there is a fast Internet connection. You can search for information about places where you are going, read news or write e-mails to your friends, letting them know about a flight delays. Inside the chair there is LED lightning, a folding table and lockers for storing small personal items.

Travelers with children are asking designers to make enough space for two people in new models of the chair. There are also some of those who want to buy GoSleep capsules for home, “because the house is already overcrowded”, – they explain. Perhaps it is the parents with very restless children.

For those who are afraid of claustrophobia, designers assure that cover’s material is so soft that the whole cover can easily be removed manually in case the glide mechanism does not work. Also it has holes in it which enables the customer to see out and the cover lets water through for fire safety reasons.

Officially this chair is called Uni. But internet users like the name GoSleep more. It was designed and produced by Finnish company Short Rest Solution Oy that is specializing in innovative and creative solutions for travelers.

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