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Awesome Maple Garden in New Zealand

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A garden of stunning beauty is located in the south of New Zealand. It is famous among local people and those who have ever visited it tell stories about its beauty. Indeed, this is a piece of art among all gardens in the world.

New Zealand Maple Garden

Davidson's Residence

Davidson’s Residence

From a Cattle Farm to the Nature Park

Mr. and Mrs. Davidson bought a small land area in New Zealand in 1966. It is hard to believe that over 40 years ago there was just a tiny country house with a couple of trees. As you look at all these luxurious trees, flowers and bushes, it seems like this garden have been here through centuries. Now its area is about 25 acres, treated with much care and attention. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Mr. Davidson says he, along with his wife, were fond of gardening at that time when they possessed only the most primitive inventory. Magnificent park has started as a cattle farm. The first trees appeared there only in the beginning of 1970s. After 30 maples were planted here, a couple decided to give the name of Maple Garden to their future park. They say, they never planned something as grand as Maple Garden to appear.

Pond at Maple Garden

Pond at Maple Garden

Colorful Landscapes

Diversity of trees and flowers in Maple Garden is amazing. Soft New Zealand climate allows for more than 1,000 kinds of different plants to grow there. What amazes even more – Maple Garden owners can tell you everything about all of them, if you are lucky enough to meet them. Plants’ shapes allow forming lovely alleys and meadows. Colors change every time you move your eyes to another spot. Different kinds of flowers have different time of blooming. Thus, you can come here any season and you will be surrounded by flower fragrance and enjoy colorful bushes and trees.

Natural landscape has been improved by certain kind of plants and corrected a little bit in order to create more interesting background for greenery. So, while walking, you enjoy cherry trees growing along a flat alley. Unexpectedly you find yourself near a small pond. By the way, such rare and graceful birds as black and white swans live here. Pond is surrounded with a flower meadow and the air is full of sweet scents.

All objects in the park are surrounded by plants like main characters in a play are surrounded by decorations. Especially beautiful tree has a stair leading to it and several smaller flower bushes around. Small quiet coves serve as habitation for water lilies and calamus.

The Maple River

The Maple River

Flower Meadows and Host’s Residence

If you continue to walk across the flower meadow you approach the residence. And all the time you feel freshness coming from the river Maple, which flows through this garden. Well, at least it does since the area of the park became a little bit larger. Small trails leading to the house are framed with small flower bushes. They are so bright, that it feels like you are looking at a fine eastern carpet of enormous size spread in front of you.

The residence itself doesn’t lack greenery. Special niches and balconies are decorated with flowers, which make this beautiful building looking even nobler. Special outbuilding designed along the wall has numerous flower pots hanging from it. And a wide balcony on the upper floor gives place to middle-sized evergreen trees.

It’s very rare to meet such people who share their wealth with strangers so readily. Visitors are allowed to enter the park and enjoy its beauty for free. Those who are fond of gardening just for soul, without getting any real profit from it, will find plenty of ideas for their own gardens. This may be just new species of plants or arrangement ideas.

What do you think of Maple Garden?

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