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What to Do With Unused Swimming Pool

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There are many people who would trade their swimming pool for something more practical like a storage area, a fishtank or a garden. But all of these things could be realized even having a swimming pool in your yard. A swimming pool adds attractiveness points to your house so in case you’re not sure if you’ll be living in it for long then it’s a good idea to keep the pool that can be converted back. If you don’t want to maintain your barely used swimming pool there are quite a few other uses for it.

Unused Swimming Pool

Natural swimming pool

Natural Swimming Pool

Pond/Natural Pool

One of the most popular solutions for an unused swimming pool is converting it into a pond or a natural pool. Though it would require quite an effort and a certain budget a swimming pond can be not only an aesthetic addition to your backyard it will also retain the swimming feature so you can have a refreshing dip once in a while.

It is also one of the most eco-friendly options. No chlorine or other toxic chemicals, only beautiful aquatic plants and calming green water.  An above ground pool can become a great home for Koi fish.


There are a few ways of turning your unused swimming pool into a storage. You can build over it and use the space as a basement or simply cover the pool to protect things from the weather.


This is also a solution especially if you’d like growing your own produce. Building a greenhouse over the pool will enclose the pool and allow you to use that space for growing fruit and veg, raising poultry and fish, as well as it can be used to harvest solar energy and rainwater to power your greenhouse.

Other ways maybe effective as well as they can get pretty costly. Excavating and filling the pool will cost several thousands of dollars and maintenance can get up to a couple of hundred dollars a month depending on the size of the pool, the pump and the chemicals. Plus you’ll need to clean and close and open it as seasons change.
So what do you think? Would you convert your unused swimming pool? Share your ideas of dealing with unused swimming pools.

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