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How To Choose Dining Table

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Dining table is dining room’s focal point so it must fit within the style of the room and look inviting. There are many forms, shapes and styles of dining tables on the market. But they also divide by formal and casual categories. A formal dining table will suit a dining room for receptions, bigger gatherings and bigger companies of guests. Casual dining tables can be used in the kitchen for the eating area and small family gatherings.

How To Choose Dining Table


If already decided what style the dining room will be or if choosing a new dining table for existing design be sure that it matches the style of the room. If the room is more classic and traditional opt for more classic tables for they are easier to fit within the existing style. But it doesn’t mean you cannot mix styles using the dining table and chairs of modern or other style.


Consider the size of the room when choosing the dining table. Whether choosing the table for a separate room or kitchen’s eating area make sure that the table of choice will fit the room and leave some space for walking and seating. If the dining room is small extended tables can be used. These can save space when not extended and still seat more people when needed.


Dining table design largely depends on the style of the room but it doesn’t mean that the options are limited. There are various shapes and forms, creative table base designs, creative table tops, glossy finishes and a variety of materials besides wood and glass to choose from, Barker and Stonehouse dining tables.

The creative table base or top can give a room extra detail to catch the eye on. Creative chairs can also add to the set and the room in general. Wood is a traditional material that can be both casual and luxurious but it is easily damaged by water and must be treated very carefully. Glass shows finger spots and is high-maintenance in terms of constant cleaning. There are glossy finishes that won’t show those spots as much as the transparent glass.

Set or Separate

Some tables come with a set of chairs designed in the same theme as the table. And the more complex the table design the less easy it is to pick matching chairs. So in this respect a dining set is a one whole that can transform a room. On the other hand, you might like the table but the chairs may not look that appealing. In this case, be sure to choose chairs that will suit table in terms of style, lines, materials and generally look good together.

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