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Torn Lights by Billy May

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Such kind of a room can be seen in sci-fi TV-series, at the beginning of an episode. It is lit by mystical light that seems to appear from parallel reality. Like something is trying to get into our world. Shiny cracks in the corners or in the center of a solid wall. This amazing effect can be achieved thanks Torn Lights.


Torn Lights Hiding in Walls

Reality changes together with the light that shows it to the audience. Torn Light by Billy May definitely shows it from an absolutely new angle. The secret is hiding in a special construction that imitates a torn piece of wallpaper or loose layer of paint. A small bulb gives this weird effect of light and shadow changing atmosphere in a room. Designer has been inspired by pealing wallpaper, chipping paint and slipping posters. Instead of masking these shortcomings, he decided to accentuate them. The idea to make more light-filled cracks and pealing wallpaper seemed attractive to him. Well, we can’t blame him as the results are outstanding. Billy May developed different constructions for flat surfaces, edges and corners. And even a complicated construction to imitate a net of cracks eradiating light rays into the room.


Alternative for Casual Lamps

Several Torn Light versons in the room give enough light but unlike other sources of light, they are not as easy to match with any kind of additional lighting like lamp or chandelier. They are of no use together with another bright source of light. All the effect of mystery is completely lost with the shadows gone. Best variant is to place a table lamp or a floor lamp beside your sitting place if you need some more light for reading or working to light up only a certain area, leaving enough shadows for Torn Light to play with. This kind of lighting is rather interesting decision, if you want something creative for your room. It just can’t stay unnoticed. It causes very different emotions from slight surprise to fear for those who see such kind of lightning for the first time.

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