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5 Ideas for Room Zoning

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For a comfortable stay in a residential area there should be several functional areas. Not all of us have financial capacities to buy a multi-bedroom apartment. That is why so many need to divide the room into zones to make the living space as comfortable as possible.

5 Options for Room Zoning

Room zoning using furniture

Room zoning using furniture

There are many ways to split the room into several disparate parts. The most complex and expensive of them is remodeling of the apartment. For this a special permission and the development of the project are required. Therefore it is better to find an easier way.

You can use curtains, partitions (fixed or mobile), screens, furniture to divide the space into zones. It is easy to achieve the visual effect of the separation of living space by wallpaper of different colors or floor coverings of different textures.

Here are some interesting ideas for interior zoning.

Zoning with color

Color scheme of the walls plays an important role in the organization of space. Color coding is the easiest way to zoning. You can get an excellent result with skillful selection of colors and textures of finishing materials. Do not be afraid to use wallpaper, decorative plaster and panels in the same room.

Zoning with light

Very interesting interior solutions can be created using light fixtures. You can use spotlights, chandeliers, LED lighting system. The combination of custom stretch ceiling with multilevel lighting system not only solves the problem of zoning, but also makes a truly unique interior.

Zoning with furniture

The most practical way of zoning is using furniture to divide the space. You can use bar counters, shelves, cabinets, sofa.  Sometimes it is enough to put these simple interior items in unusual place to get the desired result. For example, put cabinet across the room, not along the wall.

Zoning with podium

Creating a podium is not the easiest approach to implement, but quite effective option of zoning. This room will look modern and unusual. Moreover, the space under the podium can be used for storage.

Zoning with textiles

Textiles will unobtrusively divide the room into zones. You can use translucent and denser fabrics. It all depends on the style of the room and the mood you want to create. Light organza gives the interior a mood of romance and mystery; flax perfectly fits into the interior in country style; velvet suit for elegant classical interiors.

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