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How To Decorate Spacious Homes

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Too little space is a common problem but too-much space can also become troubling when it comes to decorating. The issues in question: what to make of it? And how to make it cozy? Spacious rooms, especially those with high ceilings can seem grand and cold as opposed to smaller more intimate ones. On the one hand, there is plenty of space to make anything you want with of it. Here are some ideas on how to make it livable and inviting:

How To Decorate Spacious Homes


Colors can change our perception of the room. Receding (light) colors will make a room appear larger while darker colors will make it look more intimate and smaller. Busy patterns and textured walls can also make the room appear a bit smaller. Dark colors can be brighten up with colorful accents and splashes of neutrals and warm wooden finishes.

Join Areas

If the place has an open layout you can make the space more intimate by joining the areas like kitchen, dining and living together. When choosing furniture opt for cozy sets but choose sizes according to the size of the room though to get a balanced look. Just arrange furniture to create an intimate space.

Divide Into Rooms

You can on the contrary, divide one big room into several more intimate rooms or areas with solid dividers. These come in plenty of styles from simple screens to storage systems that basically function as walls. In this case you will get several more intimate spaces.

Add Details

Pay attention to details as they can make the room look more personal and complete. Also look into cozy and fluffy rugs and pillows to give the place a fuzzy and welcoming look.

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