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Sand Floor Interiors

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Summer is gone. If you miss it like us, bring a peace of this joyful time into home by installing a sand floor.  Walking on it barefoot will bring amazing memories of vacation days back at any day. It is perfect for a country house but also be used in everyday living places. Sand floors are used not only in beach cafes, but also in glamorous restaurants, churches, museums and private houses.

Why Sand Floor?

Sand Floor

Comptoir Saint Hilaire Hotel in France 

Some may think that it’s cold to walk on the sand where there is no sun, but a heated floor will deal with all problems. It will warm up the sand no worse than the sun.

If you have a habit of listening to music loud, sand floor will help you not to bother your neighbors downstairs. In Caribbean synagogues sand floor have been used since 18th century and still are common today. They muffled the sounds of prayers and the sounds of steps. In music studios some walls are built with gaps between them which are filled with sand for soundproofing.

Aires Mateus Architects suggests to install a sand floors in public areas as they do in CasasNaAreia, guest houses in Portugal. There are a living room, a dining room and a kitchen where the sand lies on the floor and four bedrooms separated in particular houses where there are regular floors. The owner of the guest houses João says: “It’s the tranquility around CasasNaAreia, the scenery and peace. When people are there and walk on the sandy floors, they’re not able to walk as fast as on normal ground, so it winds them down. And being around the natural materials, it tends to connect you with nature”. Besides natural colors, white is also a must-have color for creating such interior.

Sand floor is a new teleport to the summer. It will always remind you of your vacation’s sunny days and bring you to the beach.

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