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‘The Center Of The Infinite’: Didier Faustino Designs Solo House

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Solo Houses is a project that was initiated to “revolutionize the world of architecture in general, and the universe of the secondary home in particular.” The Solo Houses are designed by most talented architects built on a site, south of Barcelona. Though being exclusive they are available at a resonable price.

Didier Faustino’s Solo House Design

Didier Faustino Designs Solo House

‘The Center Of The Infinite’ is Didier Faustino’s Solo House design

‘The Center Of The Infinite’ is one in a line of houses designed by different architects. The house looks like a cluster of cubicles each of which provides room with a different purpose and function. Designed to stand on a slope of a hill the house provides views of all the sides thanks to its shape. It vaguely reminds us of Church of Santa Monica in Mardrid.

The wood-clad interior doesn’t look at all conventional but features angled lines, cantilevered ceilings, and open layout. The ‘rooms’ are really the areas, zones with their own purpose. The living area features a swimming pool that opens to the beautiful views thanks to a great entry.

The other houses include a Pezo Von Ellrichshausen Architects 200-square-meter vacation home with a square swimming pool enclosed in a walled yard, Sou Fujimoto Geometric Forest house that encloses the living space in a square carcass made of wooden bars, and some other stylish designs.

Of all the designs though ‘The Center Of The Infinite’ stands out as an interesting experiment with the shapes and forms that create lines uncommon for the houses we are used to. All of the projects though have their own appeal. What do you think about ‘The Center Of The Infinite’ house by Didier Faustino?

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