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How to Choose Perfect Canopy Bed

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Canopy beds are romantic and beautiful. They add privacy to the spacious rooms and protect from the morning lights. Canopy beds can vary in styles from traditional wooden ones with ornate legs and canopy frame to sleek minimalist or Art Nouveau wrought iron ones. Since canopy beds add whole new aesthetic to the room its style and curtain colors and patterns should fit the bedroom decor and style.

How to Choose Perfect Canopy Bed

Taking Measurements

Before choosing a canopy bed measure the height of the room’s ceiling. Since canopy frames can vary in height it is important to know whether or not a particular bed will fit the room.

Choosing Style

Once you have the measured the height of the ceiling it’s time to choose a style that will fit the interior design. There are canopy beds made of wrought iron and wood featuring various shapes and lines. In order to find the right bed for an existing decor it is important to take into consideration not only the bed’s style, but also its color, lines, shapes, which all should go well with the existing furniture.

Types of Canopy Beds

There are also several types of canopy beds. Most of them feature a frame that goes by the bed perimeter and holds the curtains that add that feeling of privacy and security. But there are also other types that provide less privacy but are only meant to add an aesthetic touch. These include pendant chandelier-like suspensions that hold the fabric over the bed and rods or  bars fixed to the ceiling to hold the fabric. Some canopy beds feature a wall fixture that gives a bed a draped canopy-like headboard.

DIY Canopy Beds

A canopy bed can be easily made with the use of fabric, rope, and some fixtures. The rope can be sewn into the fabric and fixed to the ceiling. In this case there is no need to build a wooden frame. Using curtain rods one can also make a canopy by fixing them to the ceiling and hanging a curtain. There are also many other ways of making your own canopy bed depending on the bed location, materials at hand and an idea.

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